1. 10/2/13

    a crippled girl

    crippling is her world she limps through


    tethered by her veins she weathers through 

    to the rhythm

    and the ebb

    and flow

    of her highs and lows

  2. Think About Me (feat. Dabin) - Daniela Andrade

    "And I know things aren’t whathey’re like/ when you’re here nexto me”

  3. Stay Awake - Ellie Goulding & Madeon

    "And if it feels like we’re dreamingbelieve it, believe it”

  4. I’m happy.  Probably.

  5. That One Korean Girl On Tumblr… - P S Y K O N

  6. I forgot how much I love music. Just for a split second though.

  7.  City Life (Moods Remix) - Ashtraynutz

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  10. Luv(sic) Part 6 Uyama Hiroto Remix -Shing02

    "I met a metaphorical girl in a metaphysical world"

  11. Album Art

    Sign - Be The Voice

    "ラララ生生しい今 呼吸して"